Near The Garden

I went inside to get a can of pop and when I went back outside my cousins were sitting next to each other under the two trees by the garden. One of my cousins was playing his gameboy while my other cousin tussled her hair and stared dreamily into the branches above.

I sat down against the tree opposite them. The trees had really wide branches and lots of leaves which swayed with the light breeze. They were the kind of trees that were perfect for hammocks.

"I wonder why they haven't put a hammock out here," I said. Gameboy just shrugged and Hair just continued to tussle and stare.

I looked over at the garden a little ways away where my aunt was growing tomatoes. She gave one to me earlier and it was sweet and delicious, not what I expected from a tomato. She told me not to pick any from the garden, but she didn't tell me why. I sat under the trees for awhile waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened. Gameboy continued to play and Hair continued to tussle and stare. I got up and walked over to the garden, took a deep breath, and picked a tomato. I took a bite and spit it out right away. It was sour and tasted horrible. I heard a faint bit of laughter and I looked over and saw my aunt rocking on the porch, smiling. She adjusted her shawl and looked back towards whatever she was looking at before. She told me later that the tomato wasn't ripe yet, which is why it tasted so bad. I just shrugged, rubbed my hand through my hair, and stared at the ground. My cousins had already gone upstairs, waiting for me to walk downtrodden up the stairway to them. I didn't.