Mom wouldn't take me to the park, so I was all alone. I'd seen all the kids playing at the park from the window in my room, but by the time I walked there, everyone was gone. It was going to rain soon I guess. The sky was grey and it was really windy, plus the TV said it was going to rain tonight. I heard a really loud rumbling. I was kinda cold.

I sat on one of the swingsets and rocked a little as the wind rushed past. I stared at the empty parking lot for a little bit. Then I started swinging really hard. I wanted to get high enough to look back and see the top bar in front of me. I wonder if I could launch myself over the bar? That would be cool. But I didn't want to try right now when no one was around. Nobody would see it if I actually did it. Plus I might hurt myself.

I got tired of swinging and sat on the seesaw. It isn't much fun by yourself. I tried hopping up but I just slapped back onto the ground. Mom liked seesawing with me. Maybe I should have come here with Mom. The rumbling grew a bit louder and I swung around the grip, sitting with my back to the middle of the seesaw. What if Mom showed up right now to play with me? Nah, she was napping. She'd be asleep until it was time for dinner.

I yawned and laid down on the seesaw, putting my hands behind my head. I closed my eyes. As soon as I had gotten comfortable, it started raining.